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Lunch With the Ladies

Thursday, Monica and Linda and Heather came over to have lunch with me.

Monica hit the kitchen like a storm, preheating quiche, slicing bread, prepping something or other; I set the table, and we were ready to eat.

Sausauge quiche, fresh-from-the-garden-asparagus salad, several types of fruit, bread, and who knows what else – it was all delicious!

We spent most of the time talking about work past; changes that are going on there now, and just laughing and having fun.!

Thanks for the food, fun, pep talk, and hugs – I was in need of them all. I agree, we should do it again


A Little Work Party

Last Wednesday, my friend Leah had arranged a little work-folks get-together. She came and picked me up, and then dropped me off at the door of Rock Bottom Brewery, where we met with Carrie W., Jenny, Kristin, Shi-Yi, and Wendy. Brian met us there, also, not only to say “Hi”, but as my ride home.

I enjoyed seeing and chatting with everyone, although I was pretty much wiped out after a little overp an hour. Thank you for coming, everyone who could make it; and I’m sorry some of you were either sick or had other plans already – hopefully we’ll be able to visit sometime soon.

Unless the doctor changes my chemo regimen soon, I may be completely limited to home visits, as my energy levels are so low that I sleep all night, and most of the day also. There is an open invitation to come visit, as long as it is arranged in advance; and with the caveat to please call before coming in case I’m having a bad day.


And We’ll Have Fun, Fun, Fun . . .

. . . ’til the chemo is back in full sway-ay.

I had a great birthday – it was very quiet, and we just went up to the local Indian restaurant for dinner, then our neighbors came by for a little while. A lot of people called and sent cards, and I received some beautiful flowers, Brian gave me a lovely heart-shaped puzzle box with a silver heart-shaped pendant inside, and I got a purple beehive wig. It has an awesome rhinestone bling right in the center, too.

My girlfriend Laura, who just got married, is in town – it was the perfect time for her to be here, since this was my week off of chemo, and I felt comparatively good. Mostly just fatigued, although I still have minor versions of most of the other symptoms. We have eaten out several times, and the food was wonderful, even though my taste buds are still a little off. By limiting what we did to an hour or two at a time, I have been able to do several things (with intervening naps of a couple hours each) that will be beyond my stamina this coming week with the return to chemo.

Thursday we picked her up from the airport, made a brief stop by my favorite bead store, Beads at Dusti Creek, then had an early dinner at La Petit Provence next door. Yum! Picked up some pastries for various breakfasts (double yum!!), then went home and crashed early.

Friday, Laura and I had a spa day – we had massages, facials, and pedicures; so relaxing, and we really were ready to melt after all that pampering. Saturday all three of us went to see How to Train Your Dragon. And today, we went to the Saturday Market, where I bought a great hat.

It’s all about choosing the right activities – the spa day and the movie didn’t require lots of physical energy, although the movie did require some mental focus (OK, not like it’s a deep movie, but it was fun, and I did have to be able to keep up with the plot. . .). Saturday Market required more energy, but there are places to sit down and rest, and we didn’t spend much more than an hour, and saw pretty much the whole thing.

It’s also all about fueling the body – we have done a lot of eating. Besides the French bakery, we have also eaten at quite a variety of places. Lunch at the Mad Greek Deli, dinner at Sweet Ambrosia (owned by our friend Mary, who is a fabulous chef!), quiche from Sweet Ambrosia for brunch, dinner at Marrakesh, fair food at the Saturday Market, drinks and fish tacos at Jake’s Famous Crawfish (Laura’s nephew lives in Portland and works there). This evening while I was napping, Brian cooked a delicious steak dinner.

And after dinner, we watched Burn After Reading. None of us knew what to expect (although it is a Coen Brothers film, so we did figure it would be out there), and were pretty blown away. We all agreed that we felt the most empathy for Ted, although we never did figure out what he represented.

Anyway, I’ve been having a lot of fun since Wednesday, in between naps. And now it’s time to go to bed, since to add insult to injury, not only do I have chemo tomorrow, I have to be there before 9:00 a.m. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

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