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Things I never knew were difficult

Today I went into work today (edited to add: included in the list, avoiding redundancy) instead of working from home – even working just over half a day had me sweating and totally wiped out.

I went in because there are some physical things I have to get ready for our tradeshow starting this weekend, and tomorrow I have to go in to finish them up and ship them off.

Did you know that making copies of CDs is difficult? I don’t remember it being so hard, but between shaky hands and peripheral neuropathy making my fingertips numb, it certainly is now.

Lifting pads of paper, sorting through pieces of paper, writing the same number over and over; these are all things that I wouldn’t normally think twice about (except maybe how boring they are). Today, I was glad that I didn’t have anything more exciting to work on!

But wait! I had to do some proofreading. My nose kept creeping closer and closer to the page, and after I read it for spelling and punctuation, I had to re-read a lot of it for context.

Yikes. I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to get back in shape just to be able to work a full day at the office once I’m done with the chemo – no doubt I’ll do it, because I have to, but man – I feel like less than half a person at this point, not even being able to read sensibly. Sigh.

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