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Adventures in Reading

all about books).

I spend a vast amount of free time reading, which won’t surprise those who know me; who know that I used to spend summer days sitting in a tree reading; and know that I went back to school to get my BA in Literature (and at the same time got sucked into getting an additional BA in History).

I read nearly anything, although particular favorites are fantasy novels, detective, horror, and thrillers, biographies, history, and anything by Terry Pratchett. Many people might feel that the point of reading is to educate oneself, and I certainly agree that this is a good thing to aim for; and I believe that a book doesn’t have to be a serious non-fiction book in order to learn something from it. Many people don’t understand why one would want to read anything that wasn’t true – what is the point of fiction, they wonder?

For me, I started reading when I was 3 years old – and for most of my early years and young adult life I read for escape – science fiction to start, and fantasy as it became a separate genre. Entertainment and escape continue to be prime motivators for my reading – I live all day in the real world, so it’s nice to go somewhere that is different and the problems the characters encounter are usually worse than the ones I live with.

I read “The Lord of the Rings” at least once per year, and “The Hobbit” gets its share of re-reads also.

While I was off work for my breast cancer surgery and treatment, I found that I was avoiding books with a lot of strife and serious subjects – as a matter of fact, I started re-reading the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett – even though Pratchett deals with serious matters, he does it in such a way that there’s lots of laughter involved (and for me, taking lessons to heart with a little bit of laughter makes them stick better). I’m starting to get back to my regular mix of “anything goes”, although I suspect that there’s still a tendency towards happier and/or funnier material.

Currently I just started reading “Don Quixote” by Cervantes (the Edith Grossman translation). I’ve read a children’s version long ago, and sang the songs along with the “Man of La Mancha” record my parents owned, and saw the Mr. Magoo version of the story. I have to say, the real book so far bears a lot of the same sense of silliness that the Mr. Magoo version held – but with a lot more bite. I’m enjoying it a lot, and suspect that, even though it is nearly 1000 pages long, it will be a quick read (I started this morning, and I’m 75 pages into it).

Of course, I rarely confine myself to reading one book at a time, but many times a second, third, or even fourth book will last for months as I read something (or several books) more immediately compelling.

I’m not sure what I will offer on this page – just a list of what I have read or am currently reading may be the start – I may comment on particular books or authors, but probably not full-blown reviews. I’m not sure how to work future posts on a specific page yet, so if I find that it doesn’t work, I may start a second blog and link to it through this page. Who knows? I guess ya’ll find out when I do!


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