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Getting real

Julie and I knew death was a possibility back in 2007 when Julie first found the lump.  We knew it was a certainty in March, when we learned the cancer had metastasized.  We knew it was going to be sooner rather than later when Julie and Dr. M decided to end chemotherapy in August.  On 9/8 I asked the hospice nurse for her guess as to Julie’s likely lifespan, and she guessed 2-6 weeks.  Today I asked for an update on that guess, and she now guesses 2-3 weeks.  I knew that already, but for some reason hearing it from her made it real.  It’s been a hard, sad, teary afternoon.  I knew this would get tougher the closer we got, and it is.  The only thing that makes it any easier is all the support we’ve been getting from friends and family — and we’ve got that in spades.  Thank you all for caring.

On a more practical note, one of the ways I’ll get the word out when Julie passes is via this blog.  If you haven’t already done so, you may want to use the email subscription feature in the right sidebar.  By subscribing, you’ll receive copies of each new post to your e-mail in-box as I write them, rather than you having to visit the blog regularly.

Julie sleeps most of the time now, either due to the disease or the medications.  The pain started ticking up a bit last week, but we were well below our medication dosage limits so we turned them up a notch and now she’s staying pretty comfortable.  When she’s awake, popsicles have been popular for quite a while, and we were visited by a sudden craving for vietnamese noodle soup last week.  Otherwise, it’s pretty quiet at the moment.

Thanks to all of you for being so supportive. Please know that we think of you, too.

Love to all,


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