. . . and Fuzzy on Top

If you compare it to the couple weeks *before* I started the anti-depressant, I’ve been pretty busy:

Cousins Greg and Jeanette came for a “just chatting” visit on a Sunday.

July 4th we went to our neighbor’s, Sharon and Gary, for Independence Day and had a fantastic feed. All four dogs were there and were generally quite calm about the fireworks.

Last Wednesday we had dinner at the Harborside with our friends Shawn and Hope. They’ve always got dozens of funny stories to tell.

Last Thursday Cathy came to visit, and took a picture of me nodding off as she was talking to me. She swears my mouth was not open!

The common ground that all these items have is that I was feeling better emotionally, and my stamina is returning, but that I was totally wiped out at the end.

But with a couple little tweaks in the meds, I think we finally have a winning combination. Too bad I’m scheduled to start chemo tomorrow just when I’m starting to feel good. We’ll find out if the “happy” drugs can hold up their end against the chemo.

In other news, I was scheduled to go to a memorial service for my aunt that died. A couple days before the memorial, I got hit by some sort of intestinal bug that lingered for another couple days after. Brian went and said it was a lovely service.

And a couple nights ago I had a fall. I’ve been using my library steps to climb into bed (but I slide off the bed directly to the ground). This is working pretty well, for the most part. I always pause to see where the dog is before I slide off, and he usually is already up and moving by the time I stop to look. I’m not sure what went wrong this time – all I know is that I must have stepped down on the bottom step, because I felt myself slip and had no way to catch myself. As a result I have a bruised toe that was just healing from having lost the nail (chemo-related); and bruised shin, thigh, and hip on my left side. Ouch!

I will report on the start of chemo – there is a chance that he and I may disagree and we’d delay it for another brief while; I’m quite intent on improving the quality of my chemo life, and he’s all yelling “Treat! Treat! Treat!” We’ll see who’s got the greater will power.

2 Responses to “. . . and Fuzzy on Top”

  1. 1 shirlie
    July 18, 2010 at 3:17 am

    Hi, thinkin’ ’bout you, can’t sleep,so thought I’d say “hello”, incase you can’t sleep either. I’m feeling very positive that you’re going to make it and be so strong that nothing can stop you. Wonderous things do still happen, and it can happen for you too. Take all the happy pills they offer and a few extra, that’s why they were discovered. We love you and need you more than you know. Love,love, love you, Shirlie

  2. 2 kevin
    July 20, 2010 at 8:43 am

    Shirlie is correct, that is why they were discovered 😉 (happiness pills)…
    I think we’ve had a similar conversation, (in the elevator entry) here at work.

    God, I miss you so much. Even though we did not see very much of each other at work, just knowing that you were here and so close by, it made me feel good to be here. We both stayed so busy and hopefully in the future it won’t be that way, but knowing us we’ll keep on work express, day in, day out. The Schrodinger work ethic 🙂

    I am looking forward to the day when some sense of normal returns here at the office. Without you it just isn’t the same. Of course I know that right now it’s not possible for you to be here, but I still look forward to the day that it is. I need a good Thai lunch with you so we can chat each other up. So put me on your calendar and squeeze me in when you can.

    I love you Julie, thank you for being my friend. I am honored to be considered yours 😉

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