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Sleepytime Station

I have been sleeping.

A lot.

Typically, with chemo on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are big sleep days for me. This week, I spent most of both of those days sleeping, but also Friday I got up around 10:00, and went to bed at 10:00, after taking several naps.

Today, guess what? That’s right, yet another day of major sleep. I got up around 7:30, fed the dog and myself breakfast, then fell asleep in my recliner until 10:30 (I only stirred around so Brian could feel like he was allowed to make noise). I had a glass of iced tea, closed my eyes, and woke up at 1:15 when Brian headed off to Costco and Petco. I then slogged my way upstairs, where I lay down from about 1:30 – 5:30. We had to put my library steps next to the bed because my knee won’t take climbing on the bed using the footboard.

While I was down at various times during the day, I slept through the dog going ape over the neighbors across the street opening their garage door (now *there’s* a threat!), through Brian cleaning spots where mud got tracked in, Brian putting groceries away, and a few other noisy things going on. The thing I was having trouble sleeping through is some liver pain – I don’t know if it’s the good kind or the bad kind. The good kind would be the “tumor’s shrinking” kind, the bad kind would be, well, obviously, the other kind.

I even slept through more weird dreams. I’m not sure I want to remember them, so maybe it’s just as well that I seem to have a block against remembering.

But tonight I ate dinner (I often haven’t been having dinner, usually just a late lunch), and I’ve bumped up my water intake by drinking a cup an hour. I’ve been feeling dehydrated, and I suspect all the sleeping isn’t helping.  But here I am at 9:30, after watching Men In Black, ready to go to bed. I’m trying to stay up until 10, but am not sure that’s going to happen.

Barely managed it, though.

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