New Zealand on $0.00 Per Day

It’s easy – don’t go.

I’d forgotten that under certain circumstances (i.e., if either I didn’t have cancer, or didn’t *know* I had cancer) I would be enroute to New Zealand this very instant as I type.

Air New Zealand and Alaska Air were both kind enough to give us back our airfares, so it turns out we’re not out any money; and I had only just started exploring b&b’s when I found out about the cancer.

So for the bargain sum of $0/day, I don’t have to try traveling under the influence of chemo; I don’t have to try getting chemo in a different country; and I can sit here being annoyed that if I didn’t know I had cancer I could have had a very fun trip without necessarily shortening my lifespan too much.

I also don’t get to tour a sheep farm, buy wool right off the sheep, drag Brian around to all the local yarn stores as well as all the beautiful country, meet a hobbit, or find out what it’s like to drive on the opposite side of the road (legally).


2 Responses to “New Zealand on $0.00 Per Day”

  1. 2 Cathy Walquist
    May 8, 2010 at 5:31 pm

    When I heard in January, you were going to New Zealand, I was sooooo jealous I turned a decent shade of green. Now I feel ashamed of myself. I am so sorry that your not going.

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