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New Zealand on $0.00 Per Day

It’s easy – don’t go.

I’d forgotten that under certain circumstances (i.e., if either I didn’t have cancer, or didn’t *know* I had cancer) I would be enroute to New Zealand this very instant as I type.

Air New Zealand and Alaska Air were both kind enough to give us back our airfares, so it turns out we’re not out any money; and I had only just started exploring b&b’s when I found out about the cancer.

So for the bargain sum of $0/day, I don’t have to try traveling under the influence of chemo; I don’t have to try getting chemo in a different country; and I can sit here being annoyed that if I didn’t know I had cancer I could have had a very fun trip without necessarily shortening my lifespan too much.

I also don’t get to tour a sheep farm, buy wool right off the sheep, drag Brian around to all the local yarn stores as well as all the beautiful country, meet a hobbit, or find out what it’s like to drive on the opposite side of the road (legally).



chemo and breaking stuff

The last time I had cancer (eww, that makes it sound sort of routine, like “The last time I went to a movie” or “The last time I blew my nose” – how sucky is that!?!?) I decided I was going to work on one of my quilting projects.

I ended up breaking my sewing machine.

Today, I decided that I needed to clip Robin’s toenails.

I guess you could say I broke the dog – poor little guy, I was on the second-to-last nail, and I got the quick. Blood everywhere. I had the QikStop out already, but this nail just wasn’t having any of it – we spent over 1/2 hour in the kitchen getting the nail to stop bleeding. And the sad part is that I really didn’t cut that much off – no more than any of the other nails that didn’t bleed.

It’s very tempting to blame it on the chemo, but this seems to be an ongoing trend, and Brian has had the same thing happen to him, as has the vet. I haven’t been keeping track of whether it is the same nail every time, but I’m going to start now. Right rear paw, middle toenail (including dew claw in count).

And Robin is just the sweetest dog – he doesn’t get upset or angry when someone does something that hurts – he not only continued to let me clip his nails, but he lets me brush and scrape his teeth. This is the same dog, who, when he had to wear an Elizabethan collar for some reason, let me remove it so he could eat dinner, then came to me when I called him after dinner with the collar in my hand – it was obvious that the collar was going back on, but he trusted me so whole-heartedly that he accepted that if I said it must go back on he wouldn’t argue with me.

It is pretty humbling to be trusted and loved so much.

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