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Sunday, Lovely Sunday

My Sunday started on Friday, when Brian and I tried something I wasn’t sure I was really up for – meeting friends for dinner. In preparation, I took a nap Friday afternoon, and felt about as rested and ready as I ever feel these days. We met Shawn and Hope downtown at Mother’s, and we were there for a little over two hours. We’d warned them that I might be quiet unto napping, if the chemo was picking on me that day, but the nap seems to have headed that off, and I was able to be a full participant in the conversation.

Hope brought a photo album of her dog Scampers, who is just adorable – you can tell that he scampers pretty much everywhere. She also told some very amusing stories about how her cat (sorry, brain fade on the name) entices the dog to play with her. We had a very enjoyable dinner, and the promise that we will get together again soon when it is a good time in my chemo cycle. I’m looking forward to that!

I wasn’t up for much once we got home though. That’s the way it usually works – I can push myself to be on for a couple hours, but then it’s back into the pumpkin. Brian and I played Yahtzee (probably the simplest game we have, and all that I was up for), then went to bed by 9:30 – 10:00.

Saturday our friend Cathy and her dorky Augie came down from Longview. We talked knitting, and she helped me figure out an alternate way to accomplish something that my peripheral-neuropathied hands were having trouble with doing by the book. I had to stop part way through and go take an emergency nap, although it was mostly an emergency close-one’s-eyes-and-rest – at any rate after about an hour I felt as if I’d recouped some energy. We all went to the Mad Greek Deli for a late lunch (mmm, lamb gyros!), and got some various baklava to go.

That evening, we had crockpot potroast with garlic bread, then watched Time Bandits. Just as my favorite part of the movie came on, I got smacked by yet another “you must lie down now” brick, just out of nowhere. I stumbled up the stairs, and slept through booms and roars, sinkings and burnings, as well as ogres, Supreme Beings, and Pure Evil. Good thing it wasn’t incumbent upon me to rescue the world from Pure Evil; or if it was, well, sorry.

Sunday morning I got up relatively early (8:00 *is* early, for me at least), made a pot of coffee, and set out the baklava. We all relaxed, and Cathy and I knitted some more; round about noon, I suggested that we go lie out in the backyard in the sun. As it turned out, we only lay in the sun for a half-hour or so, then moved into the shade, as it was quite hot in the sun. I read several chapters of “The Light Fantastic” by Terry Pratchett to Brian and Cathy (and Augie and Robin, although I doubt they were really listening). Eventually we came in, had lunch, played a game of Uno (Cathy creamed us); and then Cathy had to head on back home.

What a lovely, relaxing weekend, and especially Sunday! It is days like this, with good friends and quiet enjoyment that make the miserable days of treatment worthwhile.

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