Someone gets it. . .

Don’t get me wrong – I know there are a lot of people out there who have or have had cancer and know (even more so than I) how scary, stressful, and depressing it is. Just look at the books out there, the famous people who have had cancer, the people who blog about having cancer, even the phone numbers and e-mails in my address book of people who have/had cancer. There’s no lack of experience for me to turn to in order to have sympathy and understanding.

But my friend Cathy, who was the only one to cry when I told her about mine, knows intimately the dark side of having cancer, and still has been there for me, when I have reached out and when I haven’t; in spite of the fact that she, like so many of us, would like to put cancer behind her.

Long Time, No Nothing

Cathy is one of the reasons I have strength to go on, because of her friendship, and because she doesn’t let me get away with moping – she always gives me something to laugh about, even if it is a dark laugh. And because, like the artist she is, she can make me catch my breath with something as stunningly dark and beautiful as her post.

Love ya, Cat!

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