February 19, 2009

Well, not really a lot to report on myself – same ‘ole chemo problems, different day (actually, most days, but at least I’m getting in a variety).

Robin is doing fine, we saw the vet last Friday, and he (the vet) talked to us for about 45 minutes about whether there was anything we *should* be doing – short of having massive neurological testing, including MRIs and CT scans, we probably aren’t going to find out anything unless he has another “seizure”. The vet suggested that this could have been a “focal motor seizure”, as opposed to a grand mal seizure – the difference being that the focal motor seizure is a disturbance that affects just a small portion of the brain, in Robin’s case it would be a portion of his motor center, because it was just his hind legs, nothing else; whereas a grand mal is a disturbance that locks up the whole brain.

At any rate, it could have been a one-off thing, or if it repeats, we may be able to track down a cause. The vet mentioned that a certain number of dogs develop epilepsy as they age, so it could be the onset of a type of epilepsy, or epilepsy that hasn’t developed fully. He also brought up brain tumors, either benign or malignant, but said that it is unusual to see them develop in a dog as young as Robin.

On Tuesday evening, we did end up taking Robin to Dove Lewis for a totally different issue. Our dippity-do-dawg has the habit of bouncing and barking, and sometimes running after, the cats when their collars jingle. He also has the bad habit of doing this while he’s eating (I think the cats jingle on purpose when he’s eating, and their nefarious plan nearly worked). So Tuesday evening, he did the bounce-and-bark while he had a mouthful of food, and managed to inhale a piece of food. He’s done this before, and usually after a bit of coughing and dry retching, he’s fine. But Tuesday night, he started vomiting, and continued to cough and retch every time he walked around. Finally I called Dove Lewis, knowing they were going to say “bring him in”, and sure enough, they did.

At least he puked and coughed in front of one of the techs, so they could tell something was really going on.

It was pretty busy there – most of the animals seemed to be in for nothing major, although at least one dog was in crisis. However, the doctors got Robin in and checked him over – couldn’t find anything in his trachea or esophagus, or behind his soft palate, but his esophagus was highly irritated and dilated. Got sent home with some soothing medication (I swear, it has a name that includes “sucra” in it, so maybe it is a placebo. But don’t placebos work by faking out the *patient*, not the caregiver? I mean, the dog doesn’t care whether it’s really medication).

Other than that, I’ve got my third February chemo tomorrow, then a two-week break. I’m ready for a break.


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