February 4, 2009

Update on me: nothing much different – more tired, more pain in my left lung, but no fever or coughing. The pain is due to accumulation of fluid, but I believe that the antibiotic is causing more activity in the lung, thus more fluid, so it probably isn’t a bad sign. If it continues to get worse (it’s still at a fairly low level in spite of the increase), I will, of course, call the doctor.

And my feet feel sweaty. Go figure.

Update on Robin: His various blood and lab tests came back mostly normal – there are a couple things that are off. His cholesterol is 561 (normal is 324 or below), and one of his thyroid numbers (I think it is the T4) is at 4.2, normally 4 or lower. The vet is processing another thyroid test – if he turns out to be hypothyroid, that could explain the high cholesterol (this is a dog who has *never* been given people food, and is actually on a weight control diet (thus less fat) already). The vet seemed to think that it might explain the problem with his hind end, although he seemed dubious about that.

He doesn’t think it was a seizure of any kind.

So until we get the next test back, we don’t really know if there are more diagnostics in the works or if we will end up treating him for hypothyroidism, and waiting to see if the problem recurs.

And that’s about all I know (or feel capable of knowing, right now, at least). Time for another nap.

1 Response to “February 4, 2009”

  1. 1 David S.
    February 5, 2009 at 1:34 pm

    The “woohoo! pneumonia!” line actually cracked me up. While I haven’t been ‘there’ (pulmonary embolism), I just had a full-blown sinus infection, which allowed me to get antiobiotics, so I’m feeling better already, while my poor coworkers slog on with their measly colds.

    BTW, that “mercu” captcha on my Freddie post blows my mind! I told a friend about it and he was a bit freaked out. It’s cool to be freaked out about stuff like that!

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