January 18, 2009

This was an easier chemo cycle – I don’t know if it’s because of only having the Taxol instead of Taxol and Avastin or some other cause.

I was, however, completely unable to sleep Friday night – at a guess, the vaunted “steroid high” finally hit me – I never had one last year, and definitely did not have one with the first session. I’m really hoping that this was an aberration, or that it is also due to having the Taxol alone, since only one session per month is Taxol only. On the other hand, since all my chemo sessions are on Fridays, I could do that Lord of the Rings movie marathon I’ve been wanting to do . . .

Anyway, other than that, some mild chemo brain, some fatigue that hit with some urgency, and a little bit of nausea (coincidentally, I was riding in the car when it occurred – car sickness, not chemo? I don’t usually have a problem with that, but who knows…), I’m doing pretty well. I’m planning on driving myself to the train station tomorrow, so we’ll see if that really happens.

Had a lovely visit with my Aunt Julia in Tacoma, she’s 93, and just an amazing woman! I hope I’m in as good mental and physical health, and have such a positive attitude when I’m her age.

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