January 13, 2009

Today is a much better day, but no, I haven’t allowed myself to go mess around with the sewing machine again. I did stop at the Sewing Room, and have decided what machine I want, if I actually decide to buy one.

I went shopping, so I don’t have to worry about that for a while – Costco and Safeway were happy to see me.

After the last couple days, I’ve realized that my “natural” organizational talents are coming hard right now – last time I went through chemo, I had come off a major surgery and was only working part-time at home, so if I wasn’t my usual self it wasn’t such a big deal. But working full-time and being able to accomplish anything is going to be a challenge; so I’m spending a little time up front to focus on getting myself a system that keeps me on the right track even on days when there *is* no right track.

One thing that has me thrilled to the depths of my geeky little soul is a new project – my boss (who is the most awesome!) has focused on giving me long-term projects for the duration – as long as I can meet any incidental deadlines on my regular duties, most of what I’m working on right now is stuff that is either data collection or will be implemented down the road. Under the second category, I’m starting to investigate how to convert our style-based FrameMaker documentation to structure-based documentation; which involves learning XML, and will also require determining a “tree” structure for the documentation. Is it sad how pumped I am about this? The last thing (work/techie-wise) I was so excited about was learning how to design databases.

Because of the economy, we’re not doing a lot of events this year, so most of my time that would normally be spent on event-planning/preparation will be spent working on this project, plus a couple others.

So I’m hoping that this tendency towards rapid disappearance of chemo-brain holds true for the rest of the treatment – I really hate the thought of spending most of the next four months in the whacked-out state I was in the last three days. If I’m able to drive myself to the train station, I’ll be happy. Getting on a train going in the correct direction will be a bonus.

1 Response to “January 13, 2009”

  1. 1 David S.
    January 15, 2009 at 4:37 pm

    You were close: Ambrosia’s “Somewhere I’ve Never Travelled.” An underappreciated classic!

    Sorry to hear about the new round of chemo. Good luck on your process. (Better to call it something like “process” than “bout” or “battle,” right?)

    You’re right about learning to appreciate each day, one at a time, while keeping an eye on the long-term picture as well. About a week before Christmas a friend – father of children the same age as mine – accidentally shot himself (dead), which really messed up the Christmas vibe in our neighborhood. My “bright side” personality has let this be another reminder about the importance of treasuring each day, and each moment, I spend with people I like and love (especially Lisa and the kids).

    Probably also had something to do with finally kick-starting the “draw something every day” habit that I’ve begun. Sure is fun to put it in a (potentially) public place! Keeps me motivated.

    See ya in blogland…

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