September 16, 2008

Today the surgeon called.  I saw her number on Caller ID, and almost didn’t answer, because it seems like doctors never call with good news – if it’s good, they wait to tell you when you have an appointment.

But I picked up the phone anyway, and it turns out it was actually great (although not unexpected) news – the path report shows that there was no outlying cancer – the first surgery got it all!

So the cynical Julie wants to know why I had to have the second surgery, then?

And of course, the calm, logical, reasonable Julie reminds me that we wouldn’t know for sure without having done the additional tissue excision.

The medical researchers really need to come up with a method for determining spread of cancer in situ (Brian misheard me, and said “Inside you?” – well, it all comes to the same thing).  They figured out how to make a monkey phosphorescent – there’s got to be a way to insert jellyfish DNA into a cancer tumor so surgeons can track its spread.

At any rate, I meet with her on Thursday, and at that point, she’ll give me the names of a couple radiation oncologists, and a date as to when she’ll clear me to start radiation based on how I’m healing.  I’m ready to go on this – I still have a dream of finishing by the end of the year.

Last night I couldn’t sleep at all – I’ve been using a guided imagery program to help with my insomnia, and for the most part it’s been helping, along with some melatonin; but last night I heard every word, and even tried taking another dose of melatonin in the middle of the night, but I just lay there flopping around, having hot flashes and listening to Brian and the dog snore.  I even checked my temperature just to make sure I wasn’t developing an infection.  So instead, I got up and worked on my latest quilt pattern, read, checked the news, and finally logged in and did a little bit of work.  I had some breakfast and went back to bed – funny, I get the best sleep during work hours ;-}  I ended up working from home in the afternoon, and I’m planning on going to bed shortly.  As tired as I am, I suspect I’ll sleep well tonight.

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