September 1, 2008

Ah, Vacation!

The surgery on Friday the 22nd went well, the surgeon got clean margins, and gave me drugs for pain, nausea, and potential infection.

My chest is beginning to look like the Nazca Plains in Peru.

Travel went well, with Brian doing all the driving down.  We stopped in Corning on Saturday evening, and visited with my Dad that night and the next morning; drove to Vacaville, where we had a party with Brian’s family.  Monday we drove up to the cabin, had a lovely, relaxing week; and reversed the trip yesterday.  I even drove some this morning, although I slept most of the way home – I didn’t even notice the cat climbing on my lap from the footwell, or jumping back down.

More about vacation later, just wanted to thank everyone who wrote, called, posted, etc., for the love and support – we meet with the oncologist tomorrow morning, so I presume I’ll find out about whether I’m doing chemo or not this time.  Then we meet with the surgeon to follow up on the incision – if I’m not doing chemo, then I’ll probably be starting radiation soon.

I’m actually going to go to bed shortly, in spite of having slept so much of the way home.  I’ve got an early day tomorrow, and pretty much the rest of the week.  I’ll update as I can.

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