October 3, 2007

Well, I thought I’d spend a lot more time reading than I have – even working full time and working on various arts and hobbies, I typically read 13 or more books per month – what joy, then, to have so much time (and so much enforced sitting around!) on my hands. Surely I can read at least twice that much, especially since I am not yet able to do any knitting, quilting, or beading. . .

It’s amazing how little focus I have. For the first two days, I could pick up a book, but reading and assimilating more than a couple paragraphs was just beyond me – looking at the pretty pictures in my beading and knitting magazines was about the level of concentration I had. Now I’m able to read a few pages at a time, but a whole chapter seems beyond me. Luckily, I have options – every single Godzilla movie is on cable’s “On Demand” playlist. Not being able to have a real shower makes me feel like stomping things, too.

Brian did wash my hair yesterday – that helped immensely. Thank goodness I got my hair cut!

Sharon brought lunch and Jasmine over today, and I’m not sure which was better – the cherry crepes, or watching Jasmine and Robin playing. She’s only 7-1/2 pounds, and Robin is 40, but they wrestle and do kung-fu moves, and tear around the house chasing each other – it is hilarious. Jasmine is a master at playing keep away – we gave her a toy that Robin hadn’t played with for months or more, and she teased him with it until he absolutely *had* to have it – but she would just turn her head slightly and he couldn’t get it from her.

I’ve got at least three appointments tomorrow, so it’s going to be a long day. I hope that the drains and bandages will be removed – or at least that the bandages are reduced to a thinner layer. I can’t even touch my sides, and it’s starting to get itchy under there. I’ve never had a cast, but I imagine it’s rather like that.



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