October 2, 2007

Hi y’all –

I’m back online – at least for a short time, tonight. I’ve sent a couple short e-mails since I got home, but find that typing is a little awkward for me. I’m going to see if Brian can fix me up with one of our laptops in case that will work a little better than sitting at my desk.

You ever have a very young puppy or kitten, that plays like mad for a while, and then just drops in place to take a nap? I’m finding that’s my current operating mode for right now. I had several visitors on Sunday, and it seemed like my energy was limitless – I was enjoying being up and around, talking to people, and feeling very good. Later in the afternoon, my friend Cathy was sitting with us, and Brian, she, and I were having an animated conversation about something (probably something silly, knowing us ;-} ). All of a sudden I just closed my eyes and slept for about half an hour – I had no idea it was coming on. Cathy is an ovarian cancer survivor, so she understood perfectly, and she and Brian continued to talk until I woke up, and then we picked up the conversation where it had left off. I’m still feeling great, but try to prepare so that if I’m caught by an episode of surgical-recovery-induced narcolepsy that I have a soft place to land.

It’s kind of funny the things that I can and can’t do. I can raise and lower the recliner footrest, but I can’t reach behind myself to adjust the pillows. I can put coffee in the coffeemaker, but I can’t fill it with water. I can pour liquid out of a pitcher, but I can’t get a glass down out of the cupboard. I can get food out of the refrigerator or freezer to cook (as long as it’s not on the top shelf), but I can’t get it into the microwave or push the buttons to start it (or get it out, either!). I can hold a book or magazine to read it, but picking it up can be tricky. Fortunately, Brian is such a wonderfully total nerd that he’s got the house set up on X10 remotes (and actually has for years. . .) so I don’t have to get up and down to turn lights off and on.

All is going well, and we have follow-up appointments with both surgeons on Thursday, when we should get the final pathology report on the cancer, and a referral to an oncologist. I was relieved today to get a letter from the insurance company saying that they found that my surgery was medically necessary and that it was OK to proceed. Whew!

I’ll try to post as often as I feel up to it – until you try something like typing (that you take for granted as something you can do with your eyes closed and one hand tied behind your back . . . well, maybe not that part) you don’t realize how much effort it really involves, and all the muscles that you actually use for it. Man!

Visitors are welcome – as long as you can put up with me nodding off, I’ll be back shortly – you just have to wait around for a few minutes!


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