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September 24, 2007

The countdown has begun!

We’re mostly prepared here at home – we’ve got the cable ordered; the recliner is to be delivered on Wednesday; Netflix has sent the first batch of movies; the freezer is well-stocked; and the neighbor will walk Robin while we’re at the hospital all day Friday.

I thought I pretty much had a full four days to prepare at work, but I keep getting new appointments added. Today, I got a call from “pre-admit”, and have to go in tomorrow. This isn’t the same thing as “pre-registration” (sounds sort of like college, doesn’t it? Only this is more like the school of hard knocks. . .) – I did that over the phone. So am I being registered, or admitted? Or both? And just exactly what is the difference? Nobody will admit to knowing.

I have asked several people (doctors, nurses, administratives) if I have to have any pre-surgery blood tests or anything, and everyone keeps saying: “So-and-so” will let me know. But then I’d ask so-and-so, and they’d refer me on to the next person. But apparently part of pre-admit is that they’re going to tell me what tests I need to have. Then I have to schedule another appointment to go have the tests. I’m sure there’s some universe where this all makes sense, but I haven’t been there yet!

On the other hand, the surgeons seem to have their act(s) together – I’m confident that I’m in good hands, and that the best people are on the job.

I wasn’t prepared for how kind, generous, and caring everyone has been since I started telling people I have cancer – it’s one thing to know intellectually that your family, workmates, and friends (overlapping categories!) are kind, generous, caring people, but it is very amazing to be on the receiving end of that outflow, and a little humbling, too. I hope when it is my turn to be the supportive one that I can live up to the examples of the many people who have offered me their support and are going well above and beyond generic kindness. Even people I have just met, and who are also cancer patients, are incredibly giving of their time and care – it’s nearly impossible not to hug someone who has just offered to show you where you go to get fitted for post-surgery garments, when she has had surgery not too long ago herself. And so many people are reaching out to Brian, also – I think a lot of times the caregiver gets overlooked in the desire to help the patient, but more than one friend has offered to wait with him while I’m in surgery, and to come sit with me if he needs to go to a client’s site, or at night so he can get some sleep.

To all you wonderful people, thank you!


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