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September 7, 2007

Hi y’all –

So Tuesday and yesterday I had my MRI-guided biopsies, and discovered that I’m a real wimp when it comes to the sedative they give – the nurse said it has a half-life of 6-8 hours, but it was well over 24 hours before I felt back to normal. Unfortunately, I seem to have developed a tolerance for the local anaesthetic – fortunately, I have a high tolerance for pain, so it wasn’t too bad.

For those who were as confused as I was about how they do an MRI-guided biopsy, it involves taking images with the patient in the coil, moving the patient out, sticking things into the patient, moving the patient back into the coil to make sure the things are positioned properly and moving the patient back out of the coil (repeat this step as necessary), and sticking more things into the patient in order to take things out of the patient. Fortunately, I only have vague memories of all the moving and poking – I really only noticed things if they spoke directly to me (they always put a hand on my arm when they spoke to me – Brian suggested that perhaps they were communicating via bone conduction).

The really weird part is that after they got me out of the machine and moved into another room where they bandaged me up and gave me all the follow-up care instructions, I can remember all of that – every word. I remember Brian stopping at the vet’s to pick up pills for April before we went home. I remember getting out of Brian’s car, trying to avoid the mirror on *my* car because it was parked too close. After that, I only know that I made it upstairs onto the bed because that’s where I found myself this morning. I pretty much slept without moving for 14 hours straight – I briefly surfaced at 5:00 a.m., but didn’t notice that I was still in my clothes.

The results from the first biopsy should be available today, but my doctor isn’t, so I won’t know anything until next week. Since it won’t really change anything except how extensive the surgery will have to be, and whether I have chemotherapy before or after the surgery, I’m not stressing (at least, not so far – maybe there’s more Xanax left in my system than I think!).

We’re heading off to Newport for a couple nights in celebration of Brian’s birthday (Thanks, Steve & Ellen, for the use of your place). Robin doesn’t get to go, but he does get to stay with his good friend Jasmine (Thanks, Sharon & Gary). The cats are going to enjoy the peace and quiet – after our house guest Augie the Dorkie (that’s half-Dachshund, half-Yorkie) left the other day, they were thinking that Robin (too big to get into their hidey-holes) was looking pretty good, but then they started remembering that he’s still a dog, and thinking that he really doesn’t need to check their ID every time they walk through the room.

Anyway, I’ll post an update next week as soon as I have results. Take care,


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