August 29, 2007

They (whoever “they” are) always say that no news is good news – but in this case it’s just exactly that – no news.

I went in for my ultrasound-guided biopsy today, and in spite of being able to see on the MRI films where the suspicious spots are supposed to be, the doctor couldn’t find either of them with the ultrasound. Of course, there was a lot of time spent looking, and then the staff helped me set up my appointments for the MRI-guided biopsies – one is on 9/4, and the other is on 9/6. The very kind and sympathetic nurse practitioner who is my liaison at the imaging center (and who was the one who helped get today’s appointment moved from its further-out date) put me on the “fast track”, so that I didn’t have to wait to get in – it might have been another two weeks otherwise.

So far, everyone I’ve dealt with has been extremely helpful, and compassionate, as well. It seems as if it would be easy for someone who deals with cancer patients every day to start treating patients as if they’re just another body – I haven’t seen that at all yet. Even when I expressed my frustration strongly today (I didn’t pitch a fit, although it was tempting ;-} ), the doctor and the nurse practitioner both were more concerned about making sure that I got in to have the MRIs right away than defending the system.

So there’s the news, such as it is. More waiting. I will probably know something around September 11 or 12 – I have to schedule a follow-up with the surgeon after the results from the 9/6 MRI are available. I expect that appointment will solidify the surgery/treatment plan.


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